October : Breast cancer awareness month

I’m sorry about the delay to translate my last post.
I had a rough week and barely got back on my feet.

October is breast cancer awareness month and all over the world we can see different campaings to promote self-examination and early dignosis for cancer, specially towards women.

Campaigns of all sorts get widespread and some are even brought back from other years, like one of my favorites:

This campaign smartly used the image of four super-heroines and the headline “Nobody’s inmune to breast cancer

I think it was a very intersting way to approach the topic without being gross, agressive or too intense.

The reason that I loved this campaign is because it doesn’t use the typical images that we see everywhere and also because it is understandable to younger audiences and males.

Cancer is something we all fear and the way that most campaigns portray really disgusting images can sometimes backfire.

The reason I made the decision of talking about this topic is because I have felt this very same fear and as I shared with you a long time ago, in my family we have both lost and won the battle against cancer.

After going around it for quite some time, I took care of something that was bothering me health-related, and barely six months ago I gathered up the courage to seek medical attention and was diagnosed with 3 fibroadenomas that had to be taken out of my breasts. The process was mentally and physically painful but it helped me understand many things.

Even though the dignosis leaned towards being benign fibroadenomas, the smallest possibility to other outcomes terrified me.
It wasn’t until that very moment in which I started to pay attention to way my body looked and thought about how scars or any other change in my body would make me feel.
It was the first time I had a surgery and I was terrified, to say the least.

Thankfully, I had the full support of my family and partner, who were fundamental for me not to loose my mind but it made me evaluate many things.

When we are healthy, its very unlikely that we sit down to think about the current state of our bodies; we take for granted that because we feel good, we are ok and that this statement is immovable.
When I was given the diagnosis, I understand that this is far from truth; we are in a constant transformation and sometimes, change can be painful.

The very same day I was back home and all pampered by my loved ones, who I have to thank for their infinite patience and support but the recovery was frustrating and included pain.
When I finally saw myself for the first time after the surgery, the only thing that kept me standing was the optimism and love of my family. Looking at oneself all bruised and stitched up is a nightmare nobody wants to live through.
I told myself many times that this was not permanent but in that moment of self hate I was going through I understood why some people go through cosmetic surgery.Before, sometimes I judged the people that transform their appearance but now I understand that if you see youself in a way that makes you so unhappy, it takes a huge toll on your mood and there is this tremendous fear of not being accepted with a reality that again, we see as immovable.

I understood the importance of loving our bodies the way the are and to understand that they are a part of us but not the center of our existence, and that those tha love us, not only do so because of the way we look but because of who we are.
When we understand this, we can start to let go of the fear and face the situations that caused us so much fear.
I know that it hurts deep in the sould and spirit to think that our bodies can change due to an illness; the very first idea that pops in our heads when we think of someone with cancer is a weak one, emaciated, bald, etc…but we don’t understad that this is a reality that can be temporary, that the physical changes that occur when we have something like this is a very small price to pay for winning a battle that will grant us many wonderful and valuable memories.

As times goes by, the only thing left are the 3 scars that remind me daily of what I went through; its hard to look at them but I understad that they were neccesary for me to be ok.

It took me years to take care of this because I was to afraid of facing a cancer dignosis but now I understand how dangerous that could have been, as time is vital in this type of situations.
We imagine so many things that we freeze but I ask of you to not take any longer, the early detection of cancer broadens your possibilities of getting back on your feet and we live in such a wonderful era with amazing technology that aids in the recovery of very complex procedures.
I’m really surprised to see how, after a few months after the surgery, my body has healed and normalized it’s aspect and this has to do with the incredible resources we have available today, for people to get their life quality back.

I ask all my readers to be brave and do self-examination tests. Go to specialists if anything is weird. Be brave.

We live in a time in which we can win these battles.


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