Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire

I know that recently, my posts have been very heavy and about topics I didn’t discuss in the blog but the situation in Mexico is something that truly worries me and has made me reevaluate many things, inside and out of the blog. I will soon be making changes here and so I apologize if the blog isn’t what you liked to read, I write my thoughts here and right now this is what’s the noisiest in my head…

I find it frustrating and depressing to accept that even though in other countries it has been stated openly, when magazines like El Proceso has denounced that votes were bought* and explained how the PRI party wants to impose*, in Mexico people still talk about clean elections. For me, it’s insulting to see where we are at the moment; presidents of different countries rushing in to congratulate EPN for his victory in these so called elections, when La Jornada published that many publications in Facebook timelines related to the elections were deleted.
We have seen interviews to EPN after his “win” and it troubles me to see him answer. He pauses in a very weird manner, when he is speaking as you can see in this video. His speech is strange and it just looks like he is waiting for the answer to fall from the sky but we think it will probably get there through a prompter:

We must analyze the interests of those that showered our country with their money, to buy this election. What they are gaining from this or if we can actually make something to prevent it from happening.

How much money are they going to steal from this country, if they spent millions?

Many people don’t realize that Televisa is a vital piece in this whole thing; the access they have to huge companies and investment funds, have helped position EPN as the “best candidate”, it has been stated in newscasts in other parts of the world. The worst part is that this organization to buy the votes hasn’t even been concealed because they control the way anyone could denounce them, they play the parts of both the judge and who is being judged, always favoring themselves.

One of the most published magazines in our country, also full of Televisa “stars” already made a huge article on EPN, showing him as a great man and it’s frustrating that the media, can focus so much on it and not even mention the marches that have taken place all over the country, with thousands of persons involved.

There have been marches in other parts of the world, like Montreal Canada:

There have been marches in Mexico, road blocks to Televisa and we even have reports of attacks to the supermarket Soriana in Mazatlan and Monterry that have been said to have been done by AMLO supporters. While all this happens I have been asking myself the very same question, going over it over and over. I have discussed with friends and strangers and sometimes the answer scares me even more than the question.

What’s next?

We ask the elections to be declared null; in the marches the demand is to have transparency, justice and honesty. Sadly, many have lost their strength to keep fighting as they see the little impact being done. After realizing how little we have achieved, as many other social movements, many have separated and the people involved are less as time goes by.
Each manifestation that has taken place in my city has had a smaller participation than its predecessors. It still has thousands of people but each time it’s a smaller and smaller amount of the people.
For me, it has to do with the fact that the marches are a catharsis; they have helped us vent but not get a real solution. Of course it is liberating to scream and claim what we want, our bodies let go of the tension that we gather up while we research on this topic, but after that there is not much left.

As I have talked with my friends, we analyzed how effective would a boycott to the corporations involved would be. I would love to think that people are willing to boycott said companies but truth is, it is not going to happen. I have been listening for years that the solution to corporations that cheapen the markets is buying locally, as it would help stop global warming and to reactive the local economies but if all that hasn’t made people change, an electoral process has no chance.

Other people have talked about pressuring the government through violent acts. We have already had attacks in Soriana and they haven’t really caused an effect further than scaring the people that lived through it. Making the people that have nothing to do with the problem, pay for the things that the brands or companies involved in the fraud have done, feels awful to me. And let’s not even get started on the illegality of these methods to put pressure on the government, IFE and our justice system because in this, we become part of the problem. I am against violence and I hope that we can find other ways for demand a clean electoral process.

Sadly, the truth is that in our country, as long as you have enough money you can get away with many illegalities. It doesn’t matter who broke the law, the only important thing is who can’t pay their way to freedom.

And  so, I ask again

What’s next?

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