Mexico lives an electoral rip-off

This is the translation for my last post*, sorry for the delay!

There are many positive news going around the world, like the one about Aerospacial Engineering students from Tijuana  that will collaborate with NASA* on a special project or that ACTA** was finally reject** (even though it could come back*) .

Sadly, today I need to share my frustration and desperation with my readers, because I am very angry with what is happening with my country.

On July the 1st of 2012, we had elections from presidents, senators and deputies in Mexico and to this moment, I am convinced there were many felonies that should make the IFE results invalid.

As we grew closer to the elections date, on the social networks, people shared many supicious acts of the political party PRI, that looked like bribes, intimidation in public spaces and most importantly, the rejection of many persons to the candidate of this party, Enrique Peña Nieto.

For a very long time, I felt that none of the candidates is the right person to govern and I know that this is a sentiment shared by many.
Because of this very same thing, websites like El Menos Peor* (which translates to “The least worst”)  in which they studied each candidate and tried to give the most information about their postures to help you decide which one to vote for but they didn’t mention Gabriel Quadri, who also was a candidate for president.
As time passed by, after seeing many complaints on my social networks, the only thing that was clear to me was that the political party PRI and its candidate Enrique Peña Nieto is not what my country needs.

In one visit to promote his candidacy, EPN went to the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico’s City and the students protested against his candidacy,* with baners and clamis of his actions as the Mexico’s City governor.
Little was it talked about on the media accurately* and a video was uploaded to Youtube,* edited to make it look like the visit was successful.
On the social networks, people complained about it and after Arturo Escobar, the head of the Partido Verde (who was allied to PRI for this elections) stated that this protes who said that the protest had been made by supporters of the opposition parties and hauled people, a video was uploaded to Youtube called 131 Alumnos de la Ibero responden (131 students from Ibero respond)


In this video you can see students from differente faculties of the Iberoamericana University, who introduce themselves, stating what faculty they are part of, showing their school id and making a statement about not being hauled by anyone and about being apolitical.

Soon enough, there were threats on their social media accounts, letters by the political party PRI* in which they ask for this students to be investigated (even though some media has stated that it is a fake letter*) and as a response to this intimidation acts, the movement #YoSoy132* (I am 132) was born.

As a solidary act to the students that were threatened,the people started calling themselves, part of the group of students symbolically, with the slogan I’m 132 until it became an organization that invites you to reflex and educate yourself. If you want to know more about the movement, you can see an interview here* but it is in Spanish and you can check their official website*, twitter account* and their Trending Topic*, in which many persons show their support and many of the facebook pages that exist, like this one*, or this* or this*.

From this moment, I feel that many persons started being politically conscious and little by little, on my social networks I could see many persons paying attention closely to the activities that the candidates have and denouncing the irregularities in the electoral campaigns.
Photos of the ex president, Carlos Salinas de Gortari,* who is very well known for having had a corrupt government, hit the networks; interviews of the candidate EPN in which you could see that there are many unresolved issues in his life*, like the death of his first wife that has never been clear.

Images in which you can see them celebrate with the opposition parties

There was even a song that went viral,that states that people don’t want the PRI, called “No queremos al PRI”*, that even though comical, is another channel for people to state what they feel and that they don’t feel this political party should govern us.

There have been complaints of the pantries and bribes that PRI has done in websites like 9gag:

Even the hacktivists Anonymous has been involved, as they stated their support to the Yo soy 132 movement* and where they stated being against the candidacy of EPN:


News about the electoral cheating have already traveled throughout the world, like the one in which FBI seized millions of ballots*

The very Iberoamericana University made a statement the day of the elections, in which they talk about the origin of the #Yo soy 131 and #Yo soy 132, the importance of what they have started and the need of the government to keep an open door to dialogue with the youth of our country.

The day of the elections, many young adults participated as civil observers and they invited you through the social networks to inform against any irregularity in the polling. There were videos in which you could see the intimidation done by the PRI, like this one* in which you can see the supporters of this political party, literally behind every ballot.

All along this day and throughout the days after the elections, you could see many images of the electoral results sheets and a comparison to the information that has been captured on the system for the preliminary results, as you can see here*, here* or here.*

There are videos in which you can see people demanding their right to vote, in which you can appreciate their frustration towards those who find themselves disrespected and who, like me, feel disappointed for the system that instead of enforcing the law, works as a tool to impose a violent and corrupt government.

Lying bluntly, when we have evidence that PRI gave rewards cards from a supermarket called Soriana to buy votes, as they state in the article by La Jornada; we have interviews of the people who did panic purchases* because they worried this would be discovered:

Publishing almost ridiculous justifications,in which the government stated that this were part of a support program for students* and have nothing to do with EPN’s candidacy and then the store releasing a statement in which they deny being part of a corruption act*.

Sadly, even after all this complaints, the videos in which you can see the bribes being given to buy the votes in our country:

Articles in which they state that the most important TV Channel in our country, Televisa, was an ally to the political party PRI** to position him as the winner; after newscasts in other parts of the world discussed the way in which this candidate took the winner’s spot like this:

The IFE (Federal Institute of elections) stated that these have been clean*, with a great participation and no irregularities.

It is a joke that our electoral institute thinks that after all that we have been seeing, we will believe their statement.

Different persons have made their own analysis of the preliminary results, like this engineer*, who shows us how the information was manipulated to add or subtract votes from different political parties. There have been complaints of the intent to add ballots to the urns in my state* and rumors that the counselor of the IFE received 100 million pesos to help EPN.*

There have been marches all over the country, where young and older state they are against this disaster they want to name clean elections, and my city was not the exception:

Mexico doesn’t buy what IFE is trying to sell us, we know they stole urns and gave them back empty,* that people have disappeared after demanding a recount of the ballots*, that they have killed whoever gets in the way of their goals, that they buy whatever is need to get the votes*, that we have to take advantage of our social networks* to denounce what is happening in our country, that the manifestations in our cities* and other parts of the world* will be heard and that

The time has come for us to stop undersestimating the power we have as individuals, to gather up and demand the truth.

This saturday there is a calling for a march all over the country and even though it is not from the #Yo Soy 132 Movement*, it its very important to take it into account. In Tijuana it will take place in Zona Río, so take it into account if you have to go through that area.

Even thought I dread the use of brutal force to try and keep us quite, I am sure things will be different. Up until now, everyone has demonstrated they are not marching to make a fuzz or provoque, you can see the conviction and need for change that fuels them and so, the only thing I  can do is invite you to march pacifically.

Lets give them only good reasons to talk about is, don’t give any excuses to the political parties and corrupt government, to unlegitimatize our fight.

Our best weapon is that we are smarter than they are.

I have been told that it was discovered that the Soriana sales ticket was digitally altered so that it would show “Beneficios Pri” and that the FBI confiscating the ballots was two years ago. Also I have been told that it is a possibility that the letter that states someone to investigate the students that appear in the video “131 Alumnos de la Ibero responden” could be fake.

It is possible that as time goes by, it turns out that some photos or news are fake and I just want to ask you to understand that nothing is set on stone, that I tried my best to gather up as most as I could to help people understand what is happening and have an opinion on this but I couldn’t verify all the information.


¿Qué opinas? // What do you think?

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